Trolls are native to mountain areas and traditionally reside at high altitudes. They are silicone based life forms made of metamorphorical rock which means that they tend to take on the appearance of the mineral they are named after. The silicate nature of their anatomy means that their brains do not perform well in temperate or warm climates, in Ankh Morpork and many other cities of the Sto Plains this has given them a reputation for being stupid. What they lack in intelligence they make up for in brawn coming only second to Golems in strength.

Trollish is a very physical language mostly involving hitting each other with rocks which could be an act of aggression, an attempt at wooing, a business deal or any number of other things, it's very nuanced. They also have vocalised language that compliments the throwing of rocks.

For millennia Trolls and Dwarves were mortal enemies but since the signing of the Koom Valley Accord by Rhys Rhysson the Low King of the Dwarves and Diamond King of Trolls relations between the races have been much more amicable. This does not mean however that they are free of prejudice against one another.

Intrinsic Skills and Advantages:

Brawling, Melee Weapons, Throwing.



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