Until recently not many Goblins made their homes in Ankh Morpork and in some areas were viewed as pests rather than sentient beings however now they are viewed as citizens equal to other humanoids. They revealed a natural talent for engineering that has made them invaluable to the running of the railways and the clacks.

Their religion is that of Unggue which does not seem to have any Gods but operates on the belief that everything that was once part of their body must be kept. As such they store their  mucus in Unggue pots which are specially crafted for the purpose and are very beautiful in appearance. Teeth and hair are not kept as they are viewed as a form of fungus rather than a part of the body. Also urine and feces are not viewed as part of the body but rather food and water that has undergone a transformation.

Despite being viewed as unintelligent for most of history their language is rather poetic and nuanced as are their naming traditions which until recently were influenced by nature for example Tears of the Mushroom and Shine of the Rainbow. Some have now adopted names directly related to the machinery they are so fond of working with for example Of the Lathe the Swarf.

Intrinsic Skills and Advantages:

Acrobatics, Camouflage, Engineer, Scrounging, Stealth.



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