Dwarves are traditionally found in mountainous regions where they mine and craft but many have made their homes in Ankh Morpork. They are recognised as expert craftsmen and metalworkers but they are also to be found in many other careers.

Traditionally Dwarves do not differentiate between the sexes, both have beards, wear the same kinds of clothes and do the same kind of work. Dwarves will commonly refer to others of either sex as "He". In recent times some female Dwarves have begun to wear skirts, make-up, high heels and have begun to ask to be referred to as "She". More traditionally minded Dwarves are appalled by this and see it as a collapse of Dwarf culture and society.

Dwarves tend to be very literally minded not finding much use for metaphors in mines, however those who have lived in the city for a while have managed to adapt to the Human lexicon of seemingly nonsense phrases.

For millennia Trolls and Dwarves were mortal enemies but since the signing of the Koom Valley Accord by Rhys Rhysson the Low King of the Dwarves and Diamond King of Trolls relations between the races have been much more amicable. This does not mean however that they are free of prejudice against one another.

Intrinsic Skills and Advantages:

Night Vision, Armoury, Carousing, Engineer, Explosives, Melee Weapons, Merchant, Shield, Thrown Weapons.



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