Disadvantage List

By selecting a Disadvantage you can gain back Character Points but you can acquire no more than 20 points in this way. You do not have to select any Disadvantages if you would prefer not to. Any Disadvantage you select must be adhered to religiously.

Bad Sight – -10 points

You have poor vision, giving -6 to Vision rolls and -2 to hit in combat.

Bad Temper – -10 points

You are not in full control of your emotions. Make a self-control roll (Will) in any stressful situation. If you fail, you lose your temper and must insult, attack, or otherwise act against the cause of the stress.

Bloodlust – -10 points

You want to see your foes dead. In battle, you must go for killing blows, and put in an extra shot to make sure of a downed foe. You must make a self-control roll (Will) whenever you need to accept a surrender, evade a sentry, take a prisoner, etc. If you fail, you attempt to kill your foe instead – even if that means breaking the law, compromising stealth, wasting ammo, or violating
orders. Out of combat, you never forget that a foe is a foe.

Code of Honour – -15 points

You take pride in a set of principles that you follow at all times. The specifics can vary, but they always involve “honorable” behavior. You will do nearly anything – perhaps even risk death – to avoid the label “dishonorable” (whatever that means to you).

Curious – -5 points

You are naturally very inquisitive. This is not the curiosity that affects all PCs but the real thing. Make a self-control roll when presented with an interesting item or situation. If you fail, you examine it even if you know it could be dangerous.

Delusions – -15 points

You believe something that simply is not true. This may cause others to consider you insane. And they may be right! If you suffer from a Delusion, you must roleplay your belief at all times.

Gluttony – -5 points

You are overly fond of good food and drink. Given the chance, you must always burden yourself with extra provisions. You should never willingly miss a meal. Make a self-control roll (Will) when presented with a tempting morsel or good wine that, for some reason, you should resist. If you fail, you partake – regardless of the consequences.

Greed – -15 points

You lust for wealth. Make a self-control roll (Will) any time riches are offered – as payment for fair work, gains from adventure, spoils of crime, or just bait. If you fail, you do whatever it takes to get the payoff.

Hard of Hearing – -10 points

You are not deaf, but you have some hearing loss. You are at -4 on any Hearing roll and on any skill roll where it is important that you understand someone.

Honesty – -10 points

You must obey the law, and do your best to get others to do so as well. In an area with little or no law, you do not “go wild” – you act as though the laws of your own home were in force. You also assume that others are honest unless you know otherwise.
This is a disadvantage, because it often limits your options! Make a self-control roll (Will) when faced with the “need” to break unreasonable laws; if you fail, you must obey the law, whatever the consequences. If you manage to resist your urges and break the law, make a second self-control roll afterward. If you fail, you must turn yourself in to the authorities!

Impulsiveness – -10 points

You hate talk and debate. You prefer action! When you are alone, you act first and think later. In a group, when your friends want to stop and discuss something, you should put in your two cents’ worth quickly – if at all – and then do something. Roleplay it! Make a self-control roll whenever it would be wise to wait and ponder. If you fail, you must act.

Jealousy – -10 points

You react poorly toward those who seem smarter, more attractive, or better off than you! You resist any plan proposed by a  “rival,” and hate it if someone else is in the limelight.

Obsession – -10 points

Your entire life revolves around a single goal, an overpowering fixation that motivates all of your actions. Make a self-control roll whenever it would be wise to deviate from your goal. If you fail, you continue to pursue your Obsession, regardless of the consequences.

Overconfidence – -5 points

You believe that you are far more powerful, intelligent, or competent than you really are. You may be proud and boastful or just quietly determined, but you must roleplay this trait. You must make a self-control roll any time the GM feels you show an unreasonable degree of caution. If you fail, you must go ahead as though you were able to handle the situation! Caution is not an option.

Phobia – -10 points

A “phobia” is a fear of a specific item, creature, or circumstance. If you have a phobia, you may temporarily master it by making a successful self-control roll . . . but the fear persists. Even if you master a phobia, you will be at -2 to all IQ, DX, and skill rolls while the cause of your fear is present, and you must roll again every 10 minutes to see if the fear overcomes you. If you fail the self-control roll, you will cringe, flee, panic, or otherwise react in a manner that precludes
sensible action. Even the mere threat of the feared object requires a self-control roll at +4. If your enemies actually inflict the feared object on you, you must make an unmodified self control

Truthfulness – -5 points

You hate to tell a lie – or you are just very bad at it. Make a self-control roll whenever you must keep silent about an uncomfortable truth (lying by omission). Roll at -5 if you actually have to tell a falsehood! If you fail, you blurt out the truth, or stumble so much that your lie is obvious.

Unluckiness – -10 points

You have rotten luck. Things go wrong for you – and usually at the worst possible time. Once per play session, the GM will arbitrarily and maliciously make something go wrong for you. You miss a vital die roll, or the enemy (against all odds) shows up at the worst possible time. If the plot of
the adventure calls for something bad to happen to someone, it’s you. The GM may not kill you outright with “bad luck,” but anything less than that is fine. If you choose this Disadvantage you will also roll at all times with four dice not three.

Vow – -15 points

You have sworn an oath to do (or not to do) something. Whatever the oath, you take it seriously; if you didn’t, it would not be a disadvantage. This trait is especially appropriate for knights, holy men, and fanatics. The point value of a Vow should be directly related to the inconvenience it causes you. The GM is the final judge.

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