Character Creation

In creating your character give some thought to where your character might come from as this backstory may earn you extra Skills and Advantages free of charge.

In GURPS your skills are governed by Character Points. Each of you will start with 100 points which you can use to buy Attribute Levels and Advantages.

Example of Character Sheet

Basic Attributes

Basic Attributes are Strength (ST), Dexterity (DX), Intelligence (IQ) and Health (HT). These are largely governed by your species. The numbers given below are what you will start with for your character.

  Trolls Humans Dwarves Goblins
ST 15 10 12 8
DX 8 10 10 14
IQ 6 10 12 12
HT 15 10 12 10

The base numbers in this chart do not cost you any points but any extra levels in any of these attributes will cost 10 character points. However you are only allowed to purchase up to two levels in basic attributes overall and no more than one for each attribute. For example you can purchase one level in ST and one in DX but not two in ST. You don't have to purchase any extra levels in Basic Attributes and can save your points for Advantages etc.

Secondary Characteristics

Secondary Characteristics depend directly on your Basic Attributes and are Damage (DMG), Basic Lift (BL), Hit Points (HP), Will, Perception (Per), Fatigue Points (FP), Basic Speed and Basic Move.

Damage is how much damage you will deal an enemy and is equal to your Strength plus a dice roll with plus or minus points. It is divided into thrust or swing depending on what you are dealing damage with. For example if you had a ST of 10 Thrust DMG would be 1d roll minus 2 and Swing DMG would be just 1d roll.

Basic Lift is used to determine how much you can carry and what weapons you can use etc. It is determined by ST x ST divided by 5.

Hit Points are used to determine how much DMG you can take. Basic HP is the same as your ST but extra can be bought at a cost of two Character Points per extra Hit Points, no more than 6 points may be spent on purchasing HP. In the case of Trolls and Dwarves their basic HP will be 2 more than their ST.

Will measures your ability to withstand psychological stress. Basic Will is the same as your IQ but extra points can be purchased at a cost of 5 Character Points for every Will point. No more than 20 Character Points can be spent on this. Bear in mind that if you plan on recouping Character Points with Disadvantages then this is what you will have to roll against for many of them.

Perception represents general alertness so is used to see if you notice things etc. By default it is the same as your IQ but extra points can be bought at a cost of 5 Character Points for every Perception point. No more than 20 Character Points can be spent on this.

Fatigue Points represent your body's energy supply and is by default equal to your HT. Extra points can be purchased at a cost of 3 Character Points for every Fatigue Point. No more than 9 Character Points can be spent on this.

Basic Speed is a measure of your reflexes and general physical quickness. This is calculated by adding HT to DX and dividing by 4. In the case of Goblins an extra 0.75 is added to the resulting figure.

Basic Move is your ground speed. It is the same as Basic Speed minus any fractions, for example if your Basic Speed is 5.75 your Basic Move will be 5. Goblins will then add an extra point.

After you have configured your Basic Attributes and Secondary Characteristics you can use any remaining Character Points to buy Skills, Advantages or even gain Character Points by taking on Disadvantages.

Character Creation

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