Advantage List

Catfall – 10 points

You subtract five yards from a fall automatically (treat this as an automatic Acrobatics success – don’t check again for it). In addition, a successful DX roll halves damage from any fall. To enjoy
these benefits, your limbs must be unbound and your body free to twist as you fall.

Combat Reflexes – 15 points

You have extraordinary reactions, and are rarely surprised for more than a moment. You get +1 to all active defense rolls and +2 to Fright Checks. You never “freeze” in a surprise situation, and get +6 on all IQ rolls to wake up, or to recover from surprise or mental “stun.”

Danger Sense – 15 points

You can’t depend on it, but sometimes you get this prickly feeling right at the back of your neck, and you know something’s wrong . . .The GM rolls once against your Perception, secretly, in any situation involving an ambush, impending disaster, or similar hazard. On a success, you get enough of a warning that you can take action. A roll of 3 or 4 means you get a little detail as to
the nature of the danger.

Daredevil – 15 points

Fortune seems to smile on you when you take risks! Any time you take an unnecessary risk (in the GM’s opinion), you get a +1 to all skill rolls. Furthermore, you may reroll any critical failure that occurs during such high-risk behavior.

Empathy – 15 points

You have a “feeling” for people. When you first meet someone – or are reunited after an absence – you may ask the GM to roll against your IQ. He will tell you what you “feel” about that person. On a failed IQ roll, he will lie! This talent is excellent for spotting imposters, possession, etc., and for determining the true loyalties of NPCs.

Enhanced Defence – 10 points

You are unusually adept at evading attacks! This may be due to careful observation of your foe, focusing chi, or anything else that fits your background. You gain +1 for any parry or block you make.

Fearlessness – 2 points per level

You are difficult to frighten or intimidate! Add your level of Fearlessness to your Will whenever you make a Fright Check or must resist the Intimidation skill or a supernatural power that induces fear. You also subtract your Fearlessness level from all Intimidation rolls made against you.

Flexibility – 15 points

Your body is unusually flexible. You gain +3 to DX rolls when climbing, in a tight space or escaping restaints.

Hard to Kill – 2 points per level

You are incredibly difficult to kill. Each level of Hard to Kill gives +1 to HT rolls made for survival at -HP or below, and on any HT roll where failure means instant death (due to heart failure, poison, etc.). If this bonus makes the difference between success and failure, you collapse, apparently dead (or disabled), but come to in the usual amount of time

High Pain Threshold – 10 points

You are as susceptible to injury as anyone else, but you don’t feel it as much. You never suffer a shock penalty when you are injured. In addition, you get +3 on all HT rolls to avoid knockdown and stunning and if you are tortured physically, you get +3 to resist. The GM may let you roll at
Will +3 to ignore pain in other situations.

Luck – 15 points

You were born lucky! Your Luck only applies to your own success, damage, or reaction rolls, or on outside events that affect you or your whole party, or when you are being attacked (in which case you may make the attacker roll three times and take the worst roll!).

Perfect Balance – 15 points

You can always keep your footing, no matter how narrow the walking surface (tightrope, ledge, tree limb, etc.), under normal conditions without having to make a die roll. If the surface is wet, slippery, or unstable, you get +6 on all rolls to keep your feet. In combat, you get +4 to DX and DX based skill rolls to keep your feet or avoid being knocked down. Finally, you get +1 to Acrobatics and Climbing skill.

Character Creation


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