Urist Jerkson


Urist has long well maintained red hair, with a braided beard and pierced ears. Like many dwarfs Urist will nearly always be seen wearing some kind of armour, usually at least chain-mail and a light helm


Urist was born the 5th child to Jerk Halvarson, Chief Foreman of one of the many mines located in the Ramtop mountain range. Such a role comes with no small amount of respect within dwarfish society, Likening Jerk‘s positions to that of a noble in human society. Urist’s older siblings have taken to this role well learning all the essential skills and etiquette required for life in dwarfish high society, Urist however had not.

Urist used their parents name and wealth as a means to live his life to the fullest. Be this drinking in high class bars, or engaging in less becoming past times such as gambling and the occasional disorderly conduct.

At some point Jerk grew tired of Urist misusing his privileged background and having given Urist several warnings, presented an ultimatum. The first of the two options was that Urist be cast off and all family ties are broken, this did not appeal so much. The second was for Urist to cease this current lifetime and join a profession deemed to be acceptable by Jerk.

Unfortunately Urist’s reputation in the Ramtops preceded him, and so was unable to find an employer for anything but the most menial of work. With his father’s threat looming above him Urist took drastic measures, and left his home country in the Ramtops to make the long journey to Anhk-Morpork in search of work.

Urist Jerkson

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