Of the flame a cinder


Having lived his whole life in the wilderness beyond the walls. Of the flame a cinder knew nothing that could hurt him one day he encountered a tall piller topped with a rail system his natural curiosity and his races aptitude for machinery demanded he follow it.

It took weeks but eventually it led him to civilisation, the city of anck morpork. Where he spotted a city watch patrol pushing a covered wagon along, again seized by his curiosity he followed to a watch evidence warehouse discovering that the cart was full of machine parts he went to town. A few days later the watch came back to find a huge tower of gears and pistons ontop of which sat a very content goblin. Upon questioning about it he revealed that he didn’t know what the machine did or why he built it only that it is unfinished and had a near overwhelming need to build it and another to finish it.

Soon after he was conscripted into the watch as recompense for the damage the odd machine did.

Of the flame a cinder

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