Of the wind the chant


I’m half goblin and half human and I’m 18 years old.

I know about machineries.
I have a small blowpipe my dad gave me for my 8th birth. It is engineered to work with two different kind of specially shaped quarrels that he also taught me how to carve from wood or to forge from copper – the first type can sting like a fly and can be used for fun to annoy people or to distract their attention, the second type can do some little damage (being extremely sharp and heavier than the previous set).

I can play a tiny bagpipe (which I created myself when I was only 4-ish, with the help of my dad), from which my name is Of the wind the chant (but my mum usually calls me wind).

I can read and write.


My father was a goblin “inventor” and used to create a wide range of mechanical machineries, from toys for children to more useful tools to aid in the everyday work (i.e. elementary washing machines). He was also very good at creating musical instruments involving pipes.

I grew up in Quirm with him and my mom (human) and instructed to be lawful and respectful of the rules, being them either natural of created by men (or any other race).
My mum used to sell my father’s creations in a small shop, while he stayed hidden in the back laboratory.
We were a small happy family until one fateful night a band of thieves entered the shop.
My father heard the noises and went downstairs to try and send them away, but, as soon as they saw him, they started bullying him. And when he resisted their requests and promised to refer them to the local police instead of stay silent “as every stupid goblin should be”, they beat him up dead.

Since my father died (I was 12), my mum transformed the shop in a tiny greengrocery where I’ve been helping her carrying things and selling them.
When I have time, I create small mechanical toys for children, so that we can make some extra money. I have followed some basic classes and can read and write so that I help with accountability.
I’ve always wanted to avenge my father and my mom has told me that the right way to do so is to become part of the Watch in the great city of Ankh Morpork.
Now that I have just turned 18, I want to keep my promise.

Of the wind the chant

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