Death of a Selachii

Session Six: 24th May

Scallatyne & Sleeping Potion

Lance Corporals Chant and Gummidge having arrived back at the Watchhouse asked Ping to send for Commander Vimes and also warned him that a mob may show up demanding money. Sergeant Colon entered and escorted the prisoner down to the cells followed by Gummidge and Chant. There are four cells and Corporal Nobbs was asleep at the desk facing them, Sergeant Colon woke him up as he locked the prisoner in a cell and said that they would watch him while they awaited Commander Vimes. Gummidge and Chant went upstairs and found Susan, Verity and Young Sam in the canteen, they questioned them about the frequency of such kidnapping attempts but found that this was an unusual occurrence. Commander Vimes and Lady Sybil arrived who were very relieved to find their son unharmed. Commander Vimes said they would let the prisoner stew overnight and said that they could all clock off.

On her way back to The Bucket Chant purchased a sleeping potion for her darts from Ye Olde Apothecary in Five and Seven Yard and once she arrived back in her room tipped five of them with it. Jerkson and Gummidge also returned to The Bucket where they decided to get very drunk indeed. Cinders made his way back to his machine using his single dollar to buy a very loud alarm clock on the way. Jenkins began to clean the canteen in the Watchhouse.

Knocks went to Morphic Street to meet with his fellow Omnians, when he arrived at the Meeting House he was heartily welcomed as his joining meant they now numbered 8, the largest their numbers have ever been in Ankh Morpork. Knocks used his skills in oration to convince the others that they must do more to convert people. After much discussion they decided that a picture of the Temple in Omnia on the pamphlets would be the best way to gather new worshippers. Knocks talks to Constable Visit after the meeting as he is on his way back to the Watchhouse for his shift. Knocks learns nothing new regarding the case and makes his way back to The Bucket for a good night's sleep. Meanwhile Lance Corporal Valley went to the Lady Sybil Free Hospital to investigate in his spare time, however when he entered he saw a Nurse filing and this triggered memories of evil bureaucrats and he was so scared he ran straight back to The Bucket and cowered under his covers for the rest of the night. Jerkson and Gummidge got very drunk and Gummidge proceeded to brag that he was responsible for capturing the kidnapper single handedly. He convinced not only the other members of the City Watch present but also himself.

The following morning Jerkson and Gummidge awoke surprisingly fresh and spritely and made their way to the Watchhouse. Valley awoke from a deep and dreamless sleep and he, Chant and Knocks also went to the Watchhouse. Cinders was woken by the extremely loud alarm clock as was most of the surrounding area. Once they arrived at the Watchhouse they found that Jenkins once she had begun cleaning was unable to stop and the entire place was  gleaming. They all gathered in the canteen and Commander Vimes invited Gummidge and Chant to join him in questioning the prisoner.

The prisoner did not look like he had slept much but he did look very clean. When questioned he revealed his name to be Jim Smith but wouldn't reveal anything else until Gummidge intimidated him with weirdness. He told them that he and three other men called Smith had been hired by a hooded man in the Troll's Head the Friday night before. Apparently it was usual for all sorts of shady dealings to occur in the Troll's Head. They didn't see his face but Jim Smith said he had a strange accent. Chant and Gummidge ascertained that he was telling the truth and that as unlikely as it would seem all the men were called Smith. Having successfully interrogated the prisoner Commander Vimes said that Gummidge and Chant could be part of the contingent at the Patrician's Palace that night. Gummidge and Chant decided that they should go pay a visit to the Troll's Head.

Lance Corporals Valley, Jerkson, Cinder, Knocks and Jenkins paid a visit to Igor who confirmed that there were traces of Oil of Scallatyne on the fur and collar. He also said it was a very rare oil originating from Bhangbhangduk from the fruit of a very rare tree that only fruited once every fifteen years. It's main use is in perfume in very miniscule amounts. Having learnt this Cinder and Jerkson decided to go to the Alchemists' Guild and Knocks, Valley and Jenkins decided to go to the hospital to investigate further.



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