Death of a Selachii

Session Seven: 31st May

There's been a MURDER!!!

Lance Corporals Cinder and Jerkson made their way to the Alchemists Guild and discovered that they had Oil of Scallatyne and their supply was untouched. They revealed that they got it from the source in Bhangbhangduc. The Lance Corporals asked what perfumes used it but the Alchemist didn't know and suggested that the proprietors of Shatta, a high end fashion house, might know.

Lance Corporals Chant and Gummidge made their way to the Troll's Head and questioned the innkeeper. He said that he directed the mysterious hooded man to the Smiths for the job and said he had a foreign accent that he couldn't place but he had no other information. The Lance Corporals then questioned Old Bill a drunk who slept on one of the benches in The Troll's Head. He didn't know much about the hooded man but recalled him talking to the Smiths, he did however have say that Captain Melville regularly travels back and forth from Klatch. So Gummidge and Chant made their way to the Docks.

Lance Corporals Knocks, Valley and Jenkins went to the Lady Sybil Free Hospital where Dr Lawn helped them with their enquiries. He revealed that there was no Strychnine missing and that they didn't stock Oil of Scallatyne. There had also been no Mr Smith admitted although a Mrs Smith had been admitted after an incident with a broom.

Lance Corporals Cinder and Jerkson arrived at Shatta and spoke to a Dwarf who instructed them to go to Grabpot Thundergust's Cosmetic Factory. Once there they discovered that the stockroom had been broken into and 1ml of oil of Scallatyne had been stolen although Mr Thudergust had not noticed this before. Cinder guarded the crime scene while Jerkson went back to the Watchhouse to report the crime.

Chant & Gummidge arrived at the Docks and after questioning a fisherman find a called the White Whale. On board they found Captain Ishmael Melville who said that he had 8 members of crew and occasionally 2 passengers. They last arrived from Klatch on Friday and there was a passenger named James Faust on board, who was posh, fairly tall and had brown hair. They searched the cabin and found an exotic seedpod in a drawer. Bidding farewell to Captain Melville they asked the Customs Officer where they could find a botanist and he suggested Unseen University.

Knocks, Valley and Jenkins on their way to the Watchhouse were informed that there had been a murder in Lobbin Clout. When they arrived on the scene, Mr De Worde of the Ankh Morpork Times was arguing about freedom of the press with Sergeant Littlebottom and Otto Chriek was taking iconographs. Knocks recognised the victim as Reet, a seamstress he'd met at Mrs Palm's. One of the crowd that had gathered noticed that there were holes in Reet's neck and people started whispering about vampires at which point Otto and Mr De Worde made a hasty retreat. The officers on the scene pushed back the crowds and the Lance Corporals discovered a City Watch badge in one of the dustbins. Valley decided to go find Gaspode to see if there is any scent to follow while Jenkins went to question Mrs Palm.

When Jerkson arrived back at the Watchhouse he discovered it nearly empty and Constable Reg Shoe on the duty desk. He gave him an iconograph and evidence bags as there was no one else around to help they all having rushed to the murder scene. Jerkson returned to the factory.

Gummidge and Chant arrived at the University and were instructed to talk to the Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography aka Rincewind. He identified the seedpod as coming from Four Ecks and that it grows into a tree very quickly once exposed to water. The Lance Corporals left the seedpod with him and went back to the Watchhouse.

Lance Corporal Jenkins arrived at Mrs Palm's and discovered that Reet had been on her way to visit her friend Agnes Sugarbean in Dolly Sisters and had left wearing a blue dress at 6pm the previous evening. Her last client was Mr Boggis, head of the Thieves' Guild the night before. Jenkins checked Reet's room but found nothing and then made her way back to Lobbin Clout.

Lance Corporal Valley tracked down Gaspode who accompanied him back to Lobbin Clout,the dog said the badge was definitely Angua's and there were traces of Oil of Scallatyne but no trail to follow. Valley, Jenkins and Knocks decided to visit Agnes Sugarbean.

Jerkson arrived back at Grabpot Thudergust's they collected paint flecks from where the previously painted shut window had been opened. In the alley outside the window they found pawprints in the dust that turned into footprints and discovered a tuft of grey fur caught on the window frame. Grabpot confirmed that he had never employed a werewolf and that he didn't always keep the storeroom locked or track of who entered it or the factory.

Lance Corporals Jenkins, Valley and Knocks arrived at Agnes Sugarbean's. She didn't know anything useful but revealed that Reet often visited her. Valley broke the news to her and she was taken a back. The Lance Corporals decided to go to the University.





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