Death of a Selachii

Session Five: 17th May

Jilted Fiances and Sword Weilding Teachers

Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant returned to the Watchhouse to see if they could get a warrant to search the Rust's city residence. They found the Watchhouse practically empty and Constable Ping at the duty desk who informed them that a warrant would require the Commander's signature. So Gummidge and Chant decided to go to Commander Vimes' house on Scoone Avenue to obtain a signature and find out more about the Rust family.

Lance Corporals Valley and Jerkson having questioned Constable Precious Jolson in The Bucket about Captain Angua, went out to the alley off Gleam Street. With his keen vision and observation skills Jerkson found a red leather dog collar and Valley found a clump of golden fur. Valley waited in the alley while Jerkson ran back to the Watchhouse and informed Constable Ping that they may have found evidence regarding Captain Angua's disappearance. Ping used the semaphore system to summon Sergeant Littlebottom who arrived a few minutes later with Constable Pyjama, with Jerkson they rushed to the alley. Pyjama summoned the Watchmen drinking in The Bucket as they passed and they cordoned off the area. Littlebottom began taking iconographs and collecting evidence then instructed Jerkson and Valley to go to Misbegot Bridge and find Gaspode, a member of the Canting Crew.

Lance Corporal's Cinders and Jenkins arrived at 17 Elm Street and knocked on Mrs Cake's door. She already knew they were there regarding Captain Angua's disappearance and showed them to the Captain's room. The room was rather bare and was clearly the abode of someone who only uses it for sleeping and getting ready, there was no sign that there had been any suspicious activity. Cinders and Jenkins asked whether they could have a seance to check whether Angua is still alive and Mrs Cake agreed. Her spirit guide, One Man Bucket, confirmed that Angua had not passed through and therefore was most likely still alive. Cinders and Jenkins thanked Mrs Cake and returned to the Watchhouse.

Lance Corporal Knocks made his way to the Opera House and found Flossy who said a woman called Emma Ferlassen worked there as a cleaner about five and a half years before. Knocks then spoke to Mr Virens who checked his records and confirmed that she had indeed worked there and that at the time she lived on Cockbill Street. So Knocks set out for Cockbill Street.

Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant arrived at Commander Vimes' house which is one of the grandest on Scoone Avenue, Sergeant Detritus and Constable Dorfl were standing guard by the front door. They knocked for Gummidge and Chant and spoke to Wilikins, the butler, who allowed them to enter. Wilikins went upstairs to fetch Commander Vimes and shortly Gummdige and Chant heard a conversation between Vimes and he wife Lady Sybil Vimes nee Ramkin as they make their way downstairs. The conversation concerns fetching Young Sam from school and whereas Commander Vimes was insistent he be brought home immediately Lady Sybil believed he was safer where he was. The Lance Corporals asked Commander Vimes about seraching the Rust residence and he revealed that he'd already ordered a search which confirmed that there was no one currently living there or anything suspicious. He described Gravid Rust as an average looking man with brown hair and a waxed moustache whose defining characteristics were his pomposity and stupidity. Gummidge and Chant asked what events were taking place while the foreign delegations were in Ankh Morpork and he said that there was a reception at the Patrician's Palace the following evening (Wednesday night) and a reception at Unseen University on the Friday evening. He also confirmed that he and Lady Sybil would be in attendance and that he would see if he could get Gummidge and Chant on duty for the events. Once Lady Sybil left the foyer Vimes asked the Lance Corporals to go to the Sto Helit Academy and inform Miss Susan of the situation with Young Sam being at risk and for them to stay there until they were relieved. Gummidge and Chant made there way to the Sto Helit Academy.

Lance Corporals Valley and Jerkson arrived at Misbegot Bridge and asked a passerby where they could find the Canting Crew. They were informed that they lived on the river bank below the bridge. Valley and Jerkson went down the steps and found a group of men who were roughly dressed gathered round the campfire, there was also a small terrier like mongrel. They began asking after Gaspode and when they revealed it was concerning Captain Angua the terrier piped up and agreed to go with them to the alley.

Lance Corporals Cinders and Jenkins returned to the Watchhouse and reported to Constable Ping that Angua is alive. Ping was relieved and said that as it was late afternoon they could knock off where upon Cinders went to work on his machine and Jenkins went to the canteen.

Lance Corporal Knocks made his way to Cockbill Street entering The Shades via Chitling Street, he noticed that he was being followed and turns round to find himself face to face with the thief Here 'n' Now who was attempting to pickpocket him. Knocks attempted to convert him to Omnianism which was enough to scare off the thief. When Knocks arrived on Cockbill Street he found very dilapidated terrace houses that nonetheless had very clean front steps. He asked one of the women scrubbing her doorstep if she knew Emma Ferlassen and she said to ask Mrs Byers at number 17. Mrs Byers is a woman in her late twenties who informed him that Emma moved away about five years before but that she still visited. Knocks found out that Emma has a son who would be about 7 years old and that the boy's father dies when he was a baby and that he was a merchant seaman. She also told him that she now owns a shop on Welcome Soap so Knocks makes his way there.

Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant arrived at The Sto Helit Academy just as the children have been let out. Miss Susan and another teacher were stood at the steps keeping an eye on the children who had yet to be collected and those that boarded there. When told of the risks posed to Sam Miss Susan said that he had already been collect by his nurse Verity but that she would come with them to make sure he was alright. She went into the school for a few minutes and came out in her cloak and with her sword at her belt. They left the academy and made their way down the most likely route to Cheapside and soon enough they came upon a scene where a young woman was shouting in much distress as she was manhandled by two masked assailants while a boy of about eleven was grabbed by another two would-be abductors. As they approached the boy managed to wrangle an arm free, turned and kicked one of the masked men square in the groin. The man doubled over and Susan drew her sword and holding it to the other man who let go of Young Sam and ran off down in the direction of Filigree Street. The man with the groin injury made off across Contract Bridge and the two men holding Verity released her and ran down Rime Street. Chant used her blow pipe and hit one of the men running down Rime Street in the neck with a dart which slowed him slightly and she pursued him. Gummidge pursued the man onto Contact Bridge and shouted for the passers by to stop him which they ignored, he shouted again this time promising a monetary reward at which point fifteen people tackled the man.  Chant chased the two men onto Easy Street but lost them in the crowd, she went back and found Gummidge trying to barter with the crowd who were demanding their reward. Susan approached and in an otherwordly voice compelled them to hand over the man. Gummidge and Chant unmasked him and found a human who from his looks was a hired thug. Gummidge and Chant made their way back to the Watchhouse with Susan who had an arm around Verity and held Young Sam's hand which despite his age he did not seem to mind.

Lance Corporals Valley and Jerkson arrived at the alley with Gaspode who on smelling the crime scene said they used Oil of Scallatine which masked every other scent which when fresh could disable someone with a powerful sense of smell. He follows the scent of Scallatine in the direction of Cable Street but finds that it had been tracked in every direction at the junction so there was no way of knowing which direction they took. Valley and Jerkson thanked Gaspode and went back to the Watchhouse.

Lance Corporal Knocks arrived at Welcome Soap, a pleasant street with small shops and a wealth of tea rooms. He went into the Haberdashery and the old lady told him that Emma ran the Milliners. Knocks goes to the Milliners and announces himself, Emma invited him into the parlour and closed the shop. She explained that she met Lord Robert outside the Opera House and they started a relationship eventually becoming engaged. At this time her son, Jimmy, was two years old and Robert would read Where's My Cow to him, the boy is now seven and a half and attends the Sto Helit Academy. Mr Ferlassen, Jimmy's father, was a merchant seaman and had drowned when he was only six months old. The engagement was broken off after Lady Selachii said he would be disinherited if he married Emma. She said she was aware of his temper and knew he could be a bastard but also that he was never a bastard to her or Jimmy. After the engagement was broken off she began to receive anonymous cards every Hogswatch and Soul-Cake Tuesday which contained $200. She presumed they came from Lord Robert, and she used some of the money to buy the Milliners but most of it she saved for Jimmy's future. Knocks told her that he had spoken to Robert from the other side and that he said he still loved her. She seemed disbelieving but not annoyed and asked if she could be alone. Knocks thanked her and returned to the Watchhouse.




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