Death of a Selachii

Session Eight: 7th June

Banshees and Explosions

Lance Corporals Jenkins, Valley and Knocks went to Unseen University and met the Librarian who found them some books, Gubbins Mythical Beast's Lore, A Compendium of Cryptids and An Encyclopedia of Mythical and Not So Mythical Beasts. They learnt that Banshees are carnivorous, have night vision, excellent hearing and smell and are just as intelligent as humans. They decided to head back to the Watchhouse as did Lance Corporals Cinder, Jerkson, Gummidge and Chant.

Just after they reached Pseudopolis Yard they heard an explosion from the Alchemist's Guild. Lance Corporals Jerkson and Jenkins stayed at the Watchhouse to do paperwork while the rest moved toward the explosion. They bumped into an Alchemist who was unsure what caused the explosion. As they moved into the cloud of dust the ground gives way and they find themselves in an old sewer. Chant and Cinder notice drips of blood and the group follows the trail down the dark tunnels whereupon they found a body by a grate. The corpse's clothes were black and good quality with black leather boots and his throat ripped out. His hair was brown but red where it had been soaking in the water, on his person were a gold pocket watch inscribed with G.R. on the inside, bank notes and gold coins.

Chant, Gummidge and Valley remained with the body while Knocks and Cinder went back to the hole, Knocks threw Cinder up and he managed to scrounge a torch which he gave to Knocks before he went to the Watchhouse. Valley examined the body further but there was nothing else. Cinder found Igor and Littlebottom at the Watchhouse who accompanied him back to the hole with a ladder. When they reached the body Igor examined him and said that he had been dead for two or three days. Littlebottom took some iconographs and wrapped the body in sheet before having it taken back to the Watchhouse. Gummidge remained in the sewer while the others helped Littlebottom to take the body back to the Watchhouse.

Once the body was safely in Igor's Lab Jerkson, Cinder, Valley, Chant and Knocks went back to the hole and joined Gummidge. They followed the trail in the opposite direction from where they found the body, eventually found the ladder up to a manhole which came out in Hen and Chickens Yard. There were a couple of drops of blood on the side that was in the direction of Scoone Avenue. Chant took a sample of the blood and she and Cinder returned to the Watchhouse. Valley, Knocks, Jerkson and Gummidge went to Scoone Avenue.

Knocks knocked on the Selachii's door and Jeeves said that Lady Selachii was at her son's funeral at the Temple of Blind Io. When Jeeves closed the door a roof tile fell onto the street which had blood on it and he could see red on the roof. They ask Jeeves if they can go up to the attic and once there Gummidge climbs onto the roof with a rope tied round his waist while Knocks ties the other end round a beam. Gummidge sees a large amount of blood, hair and skin on the roof and collects some evidence before he decided to stake out the roof. Knocks took the evidence back to the Watchhouse.

In Igor's laboratory Sally and Maledicta confirmed that the blood from the sewer and the roof came from the corpse.





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