The Seamstresses Guild

Motto: Nil Volupti, Sine Lucre (No pleasure without pay)

The Guild of "Seamstresses" comprises of Ankh Morpork's ladies of negotiable affection. Like other guilds they regulate their own behaviours and take pride in the fact that a client will only end up bruised and battered if his personal tastes run that way. The guild enforcers are Sadie and Dotsie known colloquially as The Agony Aunts, two prim old ladies who weald handbags and knitting needles with violent efficiency. If a client has behaved badly, been dealt with by The Agony Aunts and can still complain he is considered to have gotten off lightly.

There is no guild school and training is carried out on the job as it were. Many "Seamstresses" operate out of houses of negotiable affection (formerly known as houses of ill repute).


The Seamstresses Guild

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