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    Welcome. In this campaign you will play a group of individuals who hearing of the opportunities for employment in the [[City Watch]] have traveled to the city of [[Ankh Morpork]] (the largest city on the [[Discworld]]) to join up. Although Ankh …

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    Welcome to the Wiki

    Ankh Morpork

    Ankh Morpork is one of the oldest cities on the [[Discworld]] and the most populated with around 1 …

  • Humans

    The Humans of the [[Discworld]] are like Humans everywhere, capable of great good and also great evil. Humans are the most widespread race on the Disc being found everywhere from the Hub to the Rim.

    Intrinsic [[Skills]] and [[Advantages]]:

  • Discworld

    The Discworld is carried through space on the back of four elephants who in turn are carried through …

  • Dwarves

    Dwarves are traditionally found in mountainous regions where they mine and craft but …

  • Trolls

    Trolls are native to mountain areas and traditionally reside at high altitudes. They are silicone based life forms made of …

  • Gargoyles

    Gargoyles are a subspecies of [[Trolls]] who have adapted to urban life well, they mainly live on rooftops where they filter rainwater through their permanently open mouths. Their favourite form of sustenance is the common pigeon.


    Gnolls are a strange and secretive race, no one has made a complete study of them though some believe they are related to [[Trolls]]. In [[Ankh Morpork]] they have found a niche cleaning the streets. This is due to their habit of collecting any& …

  • Goblins

    Until recently not many Goblins made their homes in [[Ankh Morpork]] and …

  • Vampires

    There are many [[Vampires]] in [[Ankh Morpork]] though they originate from the [[Uberwald]] area. Those living in the city are usually members of the [[The Uberwald League of Temperance]] whose motto is "Not a single drop". Members …

  • Bogeymen

    Bogeymen are strange creatures even by [[Discworld]] standards. Their purpose seems to be to scare children although why they do this is a mystery. They tend to be tall, on the rangy side and obviously rather hideous looking. As is well known in …

  • Werewolves

    Werewolves like [[Vampires]] are natives of the [[Uberwald]] region, there are a few that live in [[Ankh Morpork]] and for three weeks of the month tend to enjoy a normal existence. They can voluntarily change into their wolf form at will but once …

  • Uberwald

    Uberwald is a region on the [[Discworld]] that is comparable to the Black Forest area of Germany however it is not a unified country but rather a collection of Baronys separated by large stretches of forest. Each Barony is ruled by an elite family …

  • Gnomes

    Gnomes are diminutive humanoids who have found living in [[Ankh Morpork]] to suit them rather well, for even though they take home similar wages to larger species their living costs are much reduced. Traditionally they are know as cobblers but have …

  • Igors

    Igors are a tribe of humanoids who believe vehemently in not letting anything go to waste, for example when it is said an Igor has their father's eyes this is to be taken literally. They are talented surgeons and will often perform operations …

  • Golems

    Golems are men made from clay, although the term men should be used loosely as they technically are neither one sex nor the other. Created by the priests of Ur millennia ago to carry out manual tasks they were programmed via the Chem (a piece of paper …

  • Zombies

    Zombies are members of [[Ankh Morpork]]'s [[Undead]] community. They were once living humans who died and through a quirk of fate returned to life. [[Discworld]] Zombies don't have a taste for brains nor are they unthinking, they are very much …

  • Undead

    On the [[Discworld]] the term [[Undead]] encompasses [[Zombies]], [[Werewolves]], [[Vampires]], [[Banshees]] and [[Bogeymen]].

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  • Banshees

    Banshees are the only humanoid capable of unaided flight. Traditionally they were vicious hunters, the legend that if someone hears a Banshee scream they will soon die comes from the fact that the cause of death was usually Banshee. However there are a …

  • Factions

    [[Ankh Morpork]] operates as a Guild Economy and has over 300 Guilds so most of the Factions you will meet are Guilds listed below are some of the most prominent.

    [[The Guild of Assassins]]

    [[The Thieves Guild]]

    [[The …

  • Sto Plains

    The Sto Plains is the area in which can be found the City States of [[Ankh Morpork]], [[Sto Helit]], [[Sto …

  • City Watch

    The City Watch are the police force in [[Ankh Morpork]] charged with upholding the law and keeping the peace. Policing in the city was once carried out by four different groups, The Night Watch, The Day Watch, The Palace Guard …

  • The Golem Trust

    The Golem Trust seeks to buy and free Golems and then find them paid work.

    [[Discworld]] | [[Factions]] | [[Races]]

  • The Guild of Assassins

    Motto: Nil Mortifi, Sine Lucre (No killing without pay)

    The Guild of Assassins are one of the most powerful guilds in [[Ankh Morpork]] which is due to the fact that many members are from noble families. The guild school is recognised as …

  • The Thieves Guild

    Motto: Acutus Id Verberat (Whip it quick)

    The Thieves Guild or more correctly The Guild of Thieves, Cutpurses, Housebreakers and Allied Trades are responsible for all theft within [[Ankh Morpork]]. Many of the wealthier citizens pay them an …

  • The Seamstresses Guild

    Motto: Nil Volupti, Sine Lucre (No pleasure without pay)

    The Guild of "Seamstresses" comprises of [[Ankh Morpork]]'s ladies of negotiable affection. Like other guilds they regulate their own behaviours and take pride in the fact …

  • The Silicon Anti-Defamation League

    The Silicon Anti-Defamation League is an activist group that fights for the fair representation of [[Trolls]] in [[Ankh Morpork]] however some believe that it is just a front for [[The Breccia]].

  • Races

    Playable Races:





    Non- …

  • Llamedos

    Llamedos is a hilly country where it rains almost non-stop. It is the home of Druidism and also a few clans of [[Dwarves]] who mine the hills for coal. The main city is Pant-y-Girdl.

    [[Discworld]] | [[Factions …

  • Djelibeybi

    Djelibeybi is a country two miles wide and 150 miles long on the continent of Klatch whose name means Child of the Djel so named for the river that runs it's length. Until recently pyramid building was one of the main occupations/past …

  • Tsort

    Tsort is a walled kingdom on the continent of [[Klatch]] with a highly militarised society, it is located in the Tsort Valley near the Tsort river.

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  • Ephebe

    Ephebe is a country on the continent of [[Klatch]] and home to thousands of toga-wearing, wine-drinking, fighting Philosophers.

    [[Discworld]] | [[Factions]] | [[Races]]

  • Sto Helit

    Sto Helit is a small city state on the [[Sto Plains]] ruled by a ducal family who take their name from the city and whose motto is Non Timetus Messor (Fear not the reaper). The current Duchess is Susan Sto Helit although she leaves the running of the …

  • Sto Lat

    Sto Lat is a small kingdom on the [[Sto Plains]] which rules over the city states of [[Sto Helit]] and Sto Kerrig.


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