Death of a Selachii

Session Two: 12th April

Revenge of the Reporters

Lance Corporals Gummidge, Knocks and Chant went to the Venturis House also on Scoone Avenue. The butler informed them that Lady Venturi would not be in until the evening and when Lance Corporal Gummidge tried to prevent him from closing the door the butler slammed it on his foot. Lance Corporal Knocks informs Gummidge that the butler was within his rights to do so as they had no warrant and were technically trespassing. They decided to go back to the Selachii’s to ask more questions.


Lance Corporals Cinder, Valley, Jerkson and Jenkins were in the canteen when Commander Vimes came in and presented them with that evening’s copy of the Ankh Morpork Times which included a piece on Otto Chriek being harassed by members of the Watch. Lance Corporal Valley immediately told on Lance Corporal Gummidge which did the exact opposite of impressing the Commander. The Lance Corporals decide to go looking for the other new recruits asking first at The Opera House.


Lance Corporals Gummidge, Knocks and Chant arrived back at the Selachii’s and asked Jeeves if they could question everybody in the house again in the drawing room where Lord Robert was murdered. In a moment of inspiration Lance Corporal Gummidge fetched a glass of water from the kitchen and poured it on the floor where it formed a puddle much like water would on any other floor. In interviewing everyone including Lady Selachii they discovered that one of Lord Robert’s close friends was Gravid Rust who was deported to Four Ecks for kidnapping and smuggling Goblins to Klatch to work on the tobacco plantations. They found out that the Rusts are probably not in town and decided to visit their house.


Meanwhile Lance Corporals Cinder, Valley, Jerkson and Jenkins went to Baker Street to see if they could talk to the members of the Uberwald League of Temperance. There was no one at the Meeting House, a gentleman carrying a tray of pies and sausages approached. They ask him if he knows what time they will be meeting, he says he’s not sure but he believes it would be at night. Jerkson and Cinder buy a sausage in a bun from C.M.O.T. Dibbler, almost immediately after finishing his sausage in a bun Cinder was struck with terrible cramps and was forced to go relieve himself in an alley.


Lance Corporals Gummidge, Knocks and Chant arrived at the Rust’s house to find that it looked very uninhabited. They went round the back and followed the garden wall until they found the gate which was locked. Lance Corporal Gummidge decided to climb the wall and investigate the garden where he found that nothing was amiss. Gummidge struggled to climb out of the garden but eventually was helped by Lance Corporal Chant. They decided to make their way back to the Watch House.


When they arrived back they met their fellow new recruits who were coincidentally also returning to the Watch House. When they entered Lance Corporal Gummidge was informed by Constable Ping who was serving on the duty desk that Commander Vimes wished to see him in his office. Gummidge goes up to the office and after playing knock and run for a bit (Kev, what is wrong with you) finally entered the office where he received a dressing down from the Commander who expects a detailed report from him first thing.


The Lance Corporals had completed their first days’ shift, Gummidge decided to sit and write his report while Chant wrote a letter to her mother. Cinder went to check on his device. Valley exchanges his Agatean quarter Rhinu with Jerkson for AM$20 (as he is terrified of bureaucrats) and then proceeded with Jenkins to have a drink and dinner at The Bucket where the new recruits had rooms. Jerkson went to the Bank and received AM$50 for the quarter Rhinu then he proceeded to make his way to The Bucket. Lance Corporal Knocks meets Constable Visit, a fellow Omnian, who informed him that they meet on Tuesday nights in Baker Street. Buoyed by this information Knocks made his way to the Bucket and ordered a sparkling water to celebrate.


Lance Corporal Gummidge completed his report and then handed it to Commander Vimes. Gummidge and Chant decided to go to the Venturi’s to see if Lady Venturi is in. When they arrived there was a party going on, Lady Venturi was happy to speak to them in the kitchen away from her guests. She confirms the details they learnt about Gravid Rust and also supplied them with the names Aldric and Jocasta Wiggs (please note I said Weams in the session but meant Wiggs), Aldric was friends with Lord Robert at the Assassins Guild School where all the well to do send their children. Gummidge and Chant then retire to The Bucket.


Lance Corporals Jerkson, Jenkins and Valley retrieve Cinder from his work on the device and go to Baker Street to question the Uberwald League of Temperance. They speak to John “Not a vampire at all” Smith who wears horrible woollen sweaters in an attempt to appear more human. Lance Corporal Valley apologised on behalf of the Watch and questioned Mr Smith, he confirmed that some vampires can turn into a bat, or many bats or just levitate or fly without changing their shape. He also insisted that no member of the league would attack a human and any insinuations or accusations to the contrary were the result of prejudice. They returned to The Bucket to sleep all except Cinder who went back to working on the device.


At 7am the next morning all except Cinder returned to the Watch House, Valley and Jerkson went to retrieve him and successfully dragged him away from the device. Gummidge and Chant went to talk to Commander Vimes and discuss their findings. Vimes says he would make an appointment with Drumknott at the Patrician’s Palace to look over Watch Records relating to Lord Robert and Gravid Rust. He also lets them know that the Wiggs live on Esoteric Street. Lance Corporals Chant and Gummidge decided to go and question the Wiggs.


Lance Corporals Cinder, Valley, Jerkson, Knocks and Jenkins paid a visit to Igor in the basement. Igor revealed that there were traces of Strychnine in Lord Robert’s skin, a powerful poison and paralytic that is also used to poison rats. Igor also said that a pneumatic machine could have been used to exsanguinate a body in 8 to 10 minutes but the process would be very noisy. Cinder, Jerkson and Jenkins decided to look for people that sold Strychnine while Valley and Knocks decided to go back to the Selachii’s.


Valley and Knocks were let in to the Selachii’s by Jeeves who allowed them to investigate the garden. There appeared to be no easy way for anyone to have climbed up to Lord Robert’s study. Jeeves fetched a ladder and Knocks climbed up to the window but found no sign of ingress. Beneath the window he discovered the nib of a fountain pen which clearly had dried black ink on it. They investigated an oak tree that provided a line of sight into the drawing room but there was no sign of someone having climbed up there. The gate at the end of the garden had rusted shut through disuse.




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