Death of a Selachii

Session Nine: 21st June

Werewolves and Gargoyles and Vampires, Oh My!

Lance Corporals Valley and Jenkins went to Misbegot Bridge to find Gaspode to see if he could track the scent from outside Grabpot Thundergust's Cosmetic Factory. Gaspode found a scent and followed it to the Dragon's Landing Redevelopment Site where there was a warehouse with the doors chained shut and the windows boarded up, they found a pair of locked cellar doors at the back and Jenkins using her pike managed to break the lock. Valley and Jenkins descended into the dark basement.

Lance Corporal Chant went to Scoone Avenue and coaxed Lance Corporal Gummidge off the roof then they went to The Thieves Guild to speak to Mr Boggis. He was shocked to find out that Reet had been murdered but had no information. So Gummidge and Chant returned to the Watchhouse.

Lance Corporals Jerkson, Cinder and Knocks went to Rosie Palm's to search Reet's room but found no evidence so they proceeded to Lobbin Clout. Cinder had a conversation with a Gargoyle but it did not prove productive so they decided to go to the sewers.

At the warehouse Lance Corporals Jenkins and Valley sent Gaspode to fetch back up from the Watchhouse and they proceeded into the dark. There was a growl and Jenkins was grabbed by the ankle as Valley leapt back before he took hold of her arms and tried to pull her away from the creature. Jenkins tried to kick it twice missing the first but managing to hit it a second time which unfortunately had no effect.  Just as things were looking bleak for Jenkins, Captain Sally appeared in a flurry of wings and released Jenkins' leg from the grasp of the creature. Valley helped her out of the basement as a wolf-shaped collection of fur flew past and then ran out into the street. Jenkins tried to chase after it but was stopped by Valley who noticed she'd been badly bitten and was losing a lot of blood. Captain Sally emerged from the basement naked and sporting a number of scratches and bites. She said that there was someone in a cage but it was silver and she couldn't get close.

Gaspode and Littlebottom arrived on the scene and Littlebottom made her way into the basement and freed the captive. Captain Angua emerged from the basement looking shaken and burnt around her neck, wrists and ankles.

Gummidge and Chant had just arrived back at the Watchhouse when Jenkins, Valley, Captains Sally and Angua, Gaspode and Sergeant Littlebottom came in who immediately go down to see Igor. Igor expertly sewed up Jenkins' ankle and ensured Angua was alright. She said it was her family who had imprisoned her and they had plans to frame Vampires to get back at Lady Margolotta, disrupt the trade deal and enact their revenge on Vimes after he killed Angua's brother.

The Lance Corporals go up to Vimes' office and tell him about what happened. Gummidge and Chant accompanied him to the Patrician's Palace. Lord Vetinari seemed troubled by the news and expected security to be increased but refused to cancel the evening's event. Vimes, Gummidge and Chant returned to the Watchhouse. Just after they entered Otto Chriek and Lettice Babblejack burst in and declared that a mob was headed to the Palace after inflammatory headlines in the Tanty Bugle.




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