Death of a Selachii

Session Four: 26th April

Small Mediums and Rodents of Unusual Size

At the records office, Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant were told the locations of the names they got from the list at Ye Olde Apothecary. Augustus Jones, a long standing member of the Ratcatchers Guild who can be found in the Long Bones Pub on Marrowbone High Street. Darryl “All” Jolson who runs a restaurant on Broad Street. Mrs Evadne Cake who is a medium who runs a boarding house at 17 Elm Street. Sham Harga who runs a restaurant called “Harga’s House of Ribs”. Gummidge and Chant decide to interview the people on the list.


Lance Corporals Cinder, Jenkins and Valley made their way to The Plaza of Broken Moons where they found Constable Shoe on patrol with Constable Pyjama. They asked if there were any relatives of Death in the city, he mentioned Susan Sto Helit and that she could usually be found at Biers, a bar in the shades. They made their way there finding a rather indistinct building with “Biers” scrawled above the doorway in chalk. Inside it was very dark and there were a number of patrons in the shadows a number of whom did not appear to be very human in shape. The landlord on being questioned said it was unlikely that a person could be raised from the dead if they had passed over. He said they could find Susan at her school which he said any person on the street would be able to direct them to.


Lance Corporals Jerkson and Knocks went to Commander Vimes to ask if they could go plain clothes and if there would be any over time. He said yes to plain clothes but no to over time. They went to Scoone Avenue and knocked on Sir Charles Lavatory’s door but he didn’t answer. Jerkson found a newspaper in which he cut eyeholes and stood on the opposite side of the street to the Selachii’s looking inconspicuous. Knocks went further up the street and began handing out pamphlets to passers by.


Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant went to the Long Bones Pub, the landlord directed them to a back room where they found three men playing cards, drinking and smoking. The first they talked to turned out to be Augustus Jones who said of course he had Strychnine as he had the contract for the sewers and the rats down there are huge, this is confirmed by fellow Ratcatcher Bob. Gummidge and Chant decided that they could get no helpful answers from the Ratcatchers and decided to visit Mrs Cake.


Cinder, Jenkins and Valley visited the Sto Helit Academy and are shown up to the Headmistress’ Office. When asked about her Grandfather Susan was offended and compelled them to leave. They decided to go back to the Watchhouse.


On Scoone Avenue Mrs Hemmings left the Selachii’s with a covered basket and Knocks followed her to 17 Elm Street where she knocked on the door and was let in. Knocks decided to wait and see what happened. Gummidge and Chant arrived and after half an hour Mrs Hemmings left closing the door behind her, Knocks followed her and she made her way back to Scoone Avenue. Gummidge and Chant burst in to Mrs Cake’s, she is unhappy they didn’t knock. She said she would answer questions but wouldn’t sign the form Gummidge asked her to. Gummidge and Chant left.


When Knocks arrived back on Scoone Avenue and saw Mrs Hemmings go back inside the Selachii’s, he and Jerkson decided to go to Mrs Cake’s. They knocked on the door of 17 Elm Street and are invited in, Mrs Cake said Mrs Hemmings visited her weekly to speak to her husband who had died years before. She invited them to have a seance to try and speak to Lord Robert so they all sat down, joined hands and called on her spirit guide, One Man Bucket. One Man Bucket found Lord Robert who revealed that he didn’t see who killed him. He also said he was watching Le Fledermausmann at the Opera House, that it was Gravid Rust who he argued with and there was a conspiracy against Commander Vimes. He also said for them to “Tell Emma I never stopped loving her” and with that he passed over. Mrs Cake said she purchased the Strychnine for the rats in her basement as since the Bogeyman had moved out she’d been having problems and she used Strychnine as they were very large. Knocks went down to the basement and confirmed that these rats were indeed of an unusual size.


The Lance Corporals all went back to the Watchhouse and outside the Commander’s office run into Carrot just as he’s being told by Vimes that they “will find her”. The her in question was Captain Angua who was missing, she since early Sunday morning. The Lance Corporals told Commander Vimes what they had learnt about Gravid Rust’s Conspiracy and he alerted Sergeant Detritus via talking tube to go to his house and check on Lady Sybil and Young Sam. The Commander told them he was the one who found out about Gravid’s smuggling operation and was therefore the reason he’d been disinherited by his family leaving Regina Rust as the heir to the fortune. The Lance Corporals went to talk to Captain Carrot who grudgingly confirmed that Captain Angua was indeed a werewolf as Jerkson had correctly surmised and that she was on the night shift with Constable Dorfl early Sunday morning. Dorfl said that at around 6am on Sunday morning while on Gleam Street making their way back to the Watchhouse, Captain Angua had said she wanted to check something out and that she would meet Dorfl back at the Watchhouse. Dorfl confirmed that her not appearing back gave them no immediate cause for concern as she often investigated alone. Cinder and Jenkins decided to go and visit Mrs Cake to ask if she’d seen Captain Angua.


Lance Corporals Gummidge and Chant decided to go talk to the Assassins’ Guild as both Lord Robert and Gravid Rust had been educated there. A gentleman in black answered the door and revealed that no vampires had ever attended the School due to membership of the League of Temperance and that the upper classes were not in favour of integration by “lesser” races.


Lance Corporal Knocks went to Mrs Palm’s and asked for Reet who revealed that Lord Robert had beaten her because she’d asked if he’d ever been in love. Sadie and Dotsie threw him out and he been banned ever since. Mrs Palm says that she had no Emma working for her. He decided to go to the Opera House to try and track down Emma.


Lance Corporals Valley and Jerkson went to The Bucket on Gleam Street and asked the landlord, Charlie, if he’d seen anything that might shed light on Captain Angua’s disappearance but he had not. They approach Constable Precious Jolson who said she saw Captains Carrot and Angua on their way to Gimlet’s Hole Foods during the day on Saturday.




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